About the Company

Origo Sino-India PLC ("Origo") is a private equity investment and consulting practice focused on core economic growth opportunities in China and India, the world's fastest growing economies. Origo provides consulting services relating to listings, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising and strategic alliances, as well as takes active equity positions in companies while providing fee based services such as strategic planning, infrastructure support, and interim management.

Building on the successful involvement of the company's management and founding shareholders in successful IPO's of Chinese and Indian companies on UK, US and European exchanges, Origo invests in private companies demonstrating six key investment criteria:

1) sustained historic and future growth prospect;
2) proven management;
3) potential for domestic and/or international scalability;
4) competitive advantage;
5) clearly identified exit options;
6) possible synergies between Indian and Chinese markets.

Agnostic in terms of industry focus, Origo invests in fast growing enterprises at various stages of development, covering startup, expansion,and pre-IPO opportunities.