Origo Partners’ Environmental, Social and Governance policy (ESG)

Origo recognizes that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues have material impact on financial performance and the communities in which both we and our portfolio companies operate. In developing Origo’s ESG policy, we have given consideration and adopted a range of codes and standards, including the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

Origo Partners complies with relevant regulations governing the protection of human rights, occupational health and safety standards and labor, environmental and business practices of the jurisdictions in which we conduct business. In particular, we are knowledgeable and sensitive to the standards of the People’s Republic of China, where a majority of our activities are taking place. However, as we also have subsidiaries and operations in other jurisdictions, it falls on us to be compliant with best practices in all such territories.

Origo adheres to the highest standards of conduct intended to avoid negligent, unfair or corrupt business practices.

Origo’s has a dedicated function for sustainability that provides for the assignment of and accountability for ESG responsibilities to senior managers at companies we are invested in.

Origo’s investment professionals carefully identify and manage ESG risks and provide our portfolio companies with appropriate support and assistance. We aim to identify ESG risks prior to investments in portfolio companies and we manage such risks following our investments.

Origo provides suggestions for ESG policies and practices to companies in our portfolio that are comparable to standards adopted by Origo. We help our portfolio companies to identify and manage ESG risks and report ESG matters for public review wherever possible.

Origo recognize that ESG management is an ongoing matter where both the executive management and our dedicated Head of Sustainability will review the policy’s effectiveness and implementation on a regular basis, and will report relevant findings and recommendations to our executives and Board of Directors.

Origo regularly distributes and continuously upgrades its ESG policy and related ESG information to all Origo employees and portfolio companies.

Origo encourages an internal dialogue on how we can accommodate ESG issues in a way that is consistent with our shareholders, Limited Partners in our managed funds and other stakeholders’ initiatives in these areas.


Origo’s ESG involvement, 7 steps

Step 1

Origo’s ESG criteria will be taken into account during the analysis and decision making processes for all investments, including all matters relating to governance, social and environmental compliance. Origo recognize that ESG is a moving target, and we need to educate our investment staff continuously on this matter.

Step 2

Origo seeks to ensure that the UN PRI principles are applied throughout the entities in which we invest, including establishing a code of business ethics. Origo request all entities in which we invest to communicate and promote ESG issues within their business and provide support to their own senior management in developing and improving ESG principles and activities.

Step 3

Origo will inform and update our shareholders and stakeholders alike about our ESG policies and the approach to ESG issues in our annual report, on our website and in other relevant communication.

Step 4

Origo has adopted a responsible and ethical approach to governance, especially regarding issues such as anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and reputational due diligence.

Step 5

Origo encourages a human resources policy which values and respects all employees irrespective of role, gender, race, age, religious belief or sexual orientation. Origo has its own Diversity Charter which it also asks its portfolio companies to comply with.

Step 6

Origo will work to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, including reduce energy and water consumption in our offices and using eco-labeled paper coming from forests certified for sustainable development.

Step 7

Origo encourages employees’ commitment to society. Origo has been active in the area of providing financial assistance to children with cleft palate in China. Origo encourages our employees to be involved with volunteering commitments.