Diversity Charter


Promoting pluralism and seeking diversity through recruitment and career development is an opportunity for Origo Partners and our portfolio companies to progress. Diversity strategies improve efficiency and contribute to a better social climate. Diversity have a positive impact on the way our company is viewed by shareholders, portfolio companies and stakeholders, in China and overseas.

This Charter of Diversity, adopted by Origo Partners, is intended to demonstrate our commitment to cultural, ethnic and social diversity within our organization.

In accordance to this Charter, Origo Partners undertake to:

1. Raise awareness of non-discrimination and diversity issues among top management and staff involved in recruitment, training and career development and to educate them in these matters.

2. Respect and promote the application of all aspects of the principle of non-discrimination at every stage of the human resources management, in particular in the recruitment, training, promotion and career development of employees.

3. Endeavour to reflect, the diversity of the Chinese society particularly in its cultural and ethnic dimension at every level of our workforce.

4. Make all our employees aware of our commitment to non-discrimination and diversity, and keep them informed of the practical results of this commitment.

5. Make the development and implementation of the diversity policy a subject of a dialogue with the employees.

6. Insert a chapter in the annual report describing our commitment to non-discrimination and diversity.