• CompanyChina Rice Ltd
  • Key MarketsChina
  • Industry SectorAgriculture
  • SegmentProcessing
  • Time of InvestmentDec 2010

China Rice Ltd

China Rice is one of China’s leading privately held rice processing and distribution groups with an annual production capacity of approximately 300,000 tons. The Company maintains a strong resource and procurement base in the north eastern province of Jilin, one of China’s largest rice producing belts. Jilin province is a key area for the production of japonica rice, a variety increasingly favoured by Chinese consumers as a healthier and better tasting option compared to alternative varieties grown in southern China. China Rice’s management team has significant experience and expertise in rice processing and production and a well-established sales network supplying companies, government agencies, wholesalers and supermarkets. In order to further build upon its leading position in the China, the Company aims to consolidate a number of smaller processors in the area and develop a nationwide brand, synonymous with high quality rice products, including both staple rice, and higher value rice, which has been certified as being grown to meet environmental specifications as well as organic products.

China Rice currently owns a diversified distribution channel covering 500 cities in 23 provinces in China.