• CompanyROSHINI
  • Key MarketsIndia
  • Industry SectorAlternative energy
  • SegmentBiofuels feed-stock
  • Time of InvestmentAugust, 2008


Roshini International Bio Energy Company Limited (“RIBEC”) is sustainable agricultural and bio-energy company.

With a history going back to 1996, RIBEC has more than a decade of research and development expertise agrarian applications on marginal waste lands. RIBEC is a pioneer in the cultivation of pongamia, a non-edible, tree borne bio-energy feedstock with high oil content which can be converted into bio-fuels.

RIBEC maintains a proprietary base of alpha materials and cultivation techniques designed to derive maximal yields from marginal waste lands. The company’s biofuel plantations are operated in contract farming models in India and selected joint-venture partners in Africa.