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Source : Banking Business Review

Origo Partners introduces new Mongolia fund


Origo Partners has introduced a new open-ended fund, the Mongolian Stock Exchange
(MSE) Liquidity Fund which will invest in Mongolia.

The company said the fund will provide investors with direct exposure to ten traded companies listed on the MSE, high interest savings deposit rates offered by Mongolian commercial banks and 100% exposure to the Mongolian currency, Tugrik.

The fund will be managed by Origo Asset Management with day to day activities to be carried out by Luke Leslie, head of Mongolia and Mining Investments at Origo, and Eric Zurrin, CEO of ResCap.

The fund has a minimum subscription threshold of $10,000 and is expected to begin trading in October 2011.
Managers of the Fund Luke Leslie and Eric Zurrin said: “the MSE Liquidity Fund will provide investors with exposure to diversified and liquid assets and operations in the world’s most resource rich and fastest growing economy.”

Later this year, the MSE is expected to move to electronic trading for international investors leading to further increased capital flows into the country. mongolia-fund-130911