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Source : Citywire

Out of this world: Origo plans landmark Mongolia fund

by : Sarah Miloudi 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011
A specialist investment fund is being launched by Origo to capture investment opportunities in Mongolia.

In the first half of 2011 Mongolia grew 14.1%, making it one of the fastest expanding markets in the world as time when more sophisticated markets struggled amid a range of headwinds.

Origo’s MSE Liquidity Fund will, for the first time, offer investors direct exposure to the Mongolian Stock Exchange through investments primarily in the top 10 traded companies listed on the exchange.

Mongolia’s stock exchange was the world’s best performing equity market last year, having risen 174%.

Origo already invests in Mongolia, with its investments in Kincora Copper and Gobi Coal & Energy, up 6.2x and 3.6x from cost, respectively, as well as holding other Mongolian private investments.

The firm is expected to partially seed its new venture at launch. The vehicle will sit alongside the China Clean Tech fund, a traditional private equity fund denominated in renminbi, in the Origo suite. fund/a524021?ref=wealth-manager-latest-news-list