CleanTech Fund

China Cleantech Partners (CCP) is a dual currency private equity fund investing in Chinese clean technology businesses. CCP is the sole vehicle for Origo’s investments in the cleantech sector with a dedicated cleantech team. CCP provides growth and expansion capital to Chinese clean technology businesses with clear infrastructure optionality.

CCP’s investment strategy is driven by China’s profound environmental challenges, resource dependency and government commitment. Underlying the CCP opportunities are cross border technology transfers and local market adoption, where the CCP team is experienced implementers. CCP have particular expertise in water infrastructure, waste to energy infrastructure and power storage/distribution. We seek a balanced portfolio in terms of sub-sectors, while maintaining an overweight of mature, expansion stage companies that have proven commercial technologies and unique China advantages. CCP tends to be an active shareholder, providing a range of supporting services to our portfolio companies. To learn more about CCP, contact [email protected].